What’s Slack?

Slack is the Miller EC’s go-to communication tool. It’s been our team’s backend for everything we’ve built for the last three years, and now, we’re opening it to our members.

Slack, at its core, is a messenger. Unlike GroupMe, iMessage, or Facebook Messenger, Slack lets us all exist on the same “workspace” but talk on different “channels”. That way, members who need to talk to mentors can talk in #mentors, but students who have general questions can just chat in #general. It can be confusing at first, but after about 10-15 minutes of poker around, you’ll get the hang of it.

Users, much like Twitter, Facebook, and basically every other service, can be tagged using the “@” symbol. If you want to alert someone specifically, just type your message and throw their name after the @ symbol and they will be alerted.

Ex: “Hi, @greg, what is your favorite way to brew coffee?”

(My favorite way of brewing coffee is pour over, by the way.)

If you want to message someone privately, feel free to use the Direct Message feature. You can search by name (Greg Garnhart) or tag (@greg).

Slack is extra powerful because of its plugins. Need to take a quick survey? Type “/poll [Your Question] [Option 1] [Option 2]…”

More simply, you can do the following:

“/poll Where do you all want to go to lunch? Panera, The Cheese Shop, Sadler”

Slack will make a poll everyone can vote on 🙂

Want Access?

Great! New members will get automatically added to our workspace. If you need to be added, click below and send us an email:

Request Access