Meet the Team

The Miller Center is powered by a collaborative effort between students, coaches, and faculty. Made up of over 50 dedicated, enthusiastic people, the Miller EC Team is the definition of teamwork at its best. Together, we make sure the EC runs smoothly and achieves its goal of engaging students with the entrepreneurial mindset.

Meet the Team

The Fellows

The fellowship is made up of 5 dedicated students. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the fellows fill roles in 5 areas: Outreach, Community, Communications, Operations, and Logistics.

Sonia Kinkhabwala


Sonia is a junior studying Sociology, with a minor in Management and Organizational Leadership. Outside of her role as Outreach Fellow, she co-facilitates an initiative that connects W&M students with older adults at assisted living facilities in Williamsburg. She is excited about how entrepreneurial thinking can inspire positive social change and thoughtful community engagement. Sonia also loves Oprah, Rocky Road ice cream, and hammocking around the Sunken Gardens. Find Sonia at, on Slack, or stop by the Center and say hello!

Katie Brewer


Katie is a junior majoring in Civic Communications and Media. She loves understanding how community formation can develop lasting relationship connections and knows that the center is a great place to meet fun and interesting new people! Come to the EC HUB and meet the Community Fellow and some other great people! (or contact her on slack or send her an email at

Dan Kelly


Dan is an MBA graduate student with a specialization in entrepreneurship. He is in charge of communications of all EC events and raising awareness across campus of the opportunities that come from entrepreneurial thinking. Reach out to him via email at to chat more about the entrepreneurial pillars or his latest startup.

Daniel Quiroga


Daniel is a junior studying both Computer Science and Mathematics. He works to ensure that all technical portions of the center run smoothly. His team helps keep the site updated, makes sure all engagement is tracked, and likes to explore new technology the center may benefit from.

Laura Luo


Laura is a sophomore majoring in Art History and minoring in Marketing. She works to ensure that operations of all EC events go smoothly. Besides the EC Hub, Laura can be easily found at coffee shops getting her daily dose of caffeine. Find Laura through to talk more about arts and business!

The Program Coordinators

The EC puts on over 100 events every year, which is far from a small task. To provide the best possible experiences for our members, we have put together an incredible group of Program Coordinators, each in charge of a specific event.

Anna Gruneich

Program Coordinator

Anna is a Junior majoring in Marketing and works on our newsletters and other marketing materials for the center! Outside of her work at the EC, she is involved with TEDxWilliam&Mary, Women in Business, and Alpha Chi Omega. A fun fact about her is that she started her own business at age 12! You can reach her at or on slack.

Nick Dantzlerward

Program Coordinator

Nick is a Junior majoring in Government and minoring in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He brings a passion for organizational leadership and Design Thinking to his team projects at the EC and beyond; in addition to applying these interests to critical business development work for a startup and to consulting for several student business projects, he also used them while in Army ROTC and now hones them as a Marine Corps Officer candidate. Feel free to reach out to him at!

Savannah Orsak

Program Coordinator

Savannah is a Junior majoring in Design & Merchandising. She works on the Outreach team to help organize events and manage LinkedIn content. Though a Texas native, the EC Hub and EC community have helped make W&M feel more like home to her. When not at the Hub, you can find Savannah on a run down DOG street or you can connect with her at

Tyler Standfield

Program Coordinator

Tyler is a Junior majoring in Business Analytics. At the EC, his smiling face is part of the Community team and you can find him hosting Rocket Pitch on Fridays. The EC felt like home after the first tour and he’s eager to guide any new faces through our (virtual) doors. Reach out anytime at

Pablo Solano

Program Coordinator

Pablo is a Junior majoring in Computer Science. He works for the Operations team of the EC, working hard to write and maintain all the software that the center requires. He maintains the website, keeps track of current members, and is looking forward to being a part of the EC community.

The Coaches

The Miller Center is backed by an incredible group of volunteer coaches. Spanning dozens of industries & countless experiences, our members have access to the best. We think so highly of them that they have their own page. Check it out!

Meet our Coaches

The Faculty

The Miller Center is brought to life by William & Mary’s faculty.

Graham Henshaw


Graham is a Clinical Professor at the College of William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business and Executive Director of the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center. Prior to joining W&M, Graham was the Director of Venture Development at NRV – a Richmond-based venture capital firm investing in early-stage socially-driven startups. Before that, Graham launched several ventures including PaceTat, a sporting goods company which was acquired in 2010.

Rachel Frazier

Associate Director

Rachel is an inventor and entrepreneur with a passion for helping high tech startups and academic innovators identify viable business models and connect to their first customer.