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Brandon Kennedy

“I was introduced to the Entrepreneurship Center (EC) a shortly before my own journey began. Having met professor Henshaw in early December to discuss how I could get involved with entrepreneurship, I didn’t realize that a few weeks later I would be invited to participate with a veteran owned start up Company called FitFight. After that, the EC became my base of operations as I met other students, faculty and advisors who gave me invaluable insights into how I could advance my venture. This culminated with the EC and its dedicated staff helping prepare me to compete and win 3rd place honors at the inaugural Tom Tom College Cup pitch competition. I’m now in the EC nearly every day, hoping to help myself and others in their own journeys. I’m eternally grateful for the Center.”

Nosa Alonge

“I first discovered the Entrepreneurship Center through Professor Henshaw and his Entrepreneurial Ventures class. Early on in the semester I pitched an idea for a startup called Get A Guru, a platform for college students to learn new skills and hobbies. This idea was one of the few ventures selected to be pursued throughout the rest of the semester. My team constantly worked on Get A Guru in the EC during our developmental stages . It is a great space for collaborative learning and idea creation. There are always students and advisors around who are great for bouncing off ideas and getting feedback. We were able to generate revenue by the end of the semester with the help of the EC. I’m glad i was able to experience this great resource before graduation and I will be sure to visit whenever I am back!”

Kent Rollins

“The EC has become an incredible resource for entrepreneurs on our campus. Finding other entrepreneurs and startup-minded individuals used to be an incredible challenge, but now it’s as simple as going to the right place at the right time. My startup (Candid Campus Tours) has found so many valuable connections in the EC; I don’t even want to think about what we would do without it”