ProcessMaker has partnered with the Miller Center to offer a new fast-paced, team-based competition that provides students with an opportunity to apply entrepreneurial thinking to a real-world problem at W&M. Internship opportunities, prize money, and recognition are on the line!


πŸ₯‡ First Place: $1,500

πŸ₯ˆ Runner-up: $750

ProcessMaker will also be selecting one of the concepts to pursue following the competition. All students who participate will be eligible for internship positions that will focus on making the selected project come to life.

Dates & Details


10/7/21 @ 12:00 PM

Option 1:
Entrepreneurship Hub – food provided! πŸ•
Option 2:
Zoom πŸ’»

✨ Event overview ✨
✨ Challenge introduction ✨
✨ ProcessMaker demo ✨
✨ Application goes live ✨
✨ Q&A ✨

Team Check-in

10/22/21 @ 3:00 – 5:00 PM

Option 1:
Entrepreneurship Hub – food provided! πŸ•
Option 2:
Zoom πŸ’»

✨ Team meetings w/ ProcessMaker advisors & W&M partners ✨
✨ Draft process map review & feedback ✨
✨ Direction-setting for the final build phase of competition ✨

Weekend Sprint

11/5/21 @ 5:00 PM – 11/7/21 @ 12:00 PM

Entrepreneurship Hub @ Tribe Square
Food πŸ” & fuel β˜• provided all weekend!

✨ 36-hour sprint to develop a working prototype and solution presentation ✨
✨ ProcessMaker & W&M advisors office hours ✨
✨ Solution demo & presentations ✨
✨ Feedback & awards ✨


The Challenge

Sometimes a W&M employee needs to take a short-term disability leave. The current HR business process used to enable disability payments is highly regulated in order to be compliant with state guidelines. The process is also quite cumbersome with many manual steps and requires 8-24 hrs per week of manual tasks and compliance review. The process also has a stringent timeline, which if missed, causes payroll delays and associated hardship. The Slingshot challenge is to use ProcessMaker’s capabilities to address this problem through business process automation.

ProcessMaker Explainer

Learn how ProcessMaker helps organizations around the globe accelerate digital transformation with our award-winning digital process automation platform. Learn more at

ProcessMaker 4 Overview

In this webinar where we will update you on the latest upgrades, features, and functionality that have been added to the ProcessMaker platform.

The Deliverables

The Product

The foundation of your final deliverable package is a working prototype of a solution to the Slingshot challenge. A sandbox environment will be provided to test your solution with data that simulates the actual HR scenario. Your prototype will be assessed according the following criteria:

  • Efficacy – whether it works in the sandbox environment
  • Elegance – the appeal of the user experience
  • Efficiency – the extent to which the logic and processes behind the scenes make sense and avoid extra steps

The Presentation

Having a product is never the endpoint. You need to be able to communicate your solution to key stakeholders. On the final day of Slingshot, your team will deliver a presentation up to 10-minutes that covers:

  • your specific definition of the challenge(s)
  • the process you took to get to a solution
  • insights and lessons learned along the way
  • a demo (can be a live demo or pre-recorded)
  • the business case for implementing your solution

Competition Rubric

EfficacyFails on the sample data setThe solution mostly works, but not entirelyWorks consistently
EleganceUser experience is marginalThe user experience is sufficient but could be strongerDelightful user experience
EfficiencyQuestionable logic and extra unnecessary stepsMost aspects of the solution are efficiently designed but with room for improvement that affects functionalityStreamlined approach
PresentationUnconvincing and hard to followGood presentation that could be even stronger with more detail and/or clearer deliveryCompelling and well-articulated

Frequently Asked Questions

How many teams will compete?

Though we will accept applications from anyone interested in the challenge, the challenge stipulates that only theΒ top five teams will participate. Take some time when you apply – it will pay off in the long run.

How big can the teams Be?

Teams can be from 3-5 members. However, the better question is how diverse should they be? The answer is: as diverse as possible. We will be selecting the top five team applications with preference given to teams with greater diversity (major, gender, class).

Can I participate if I can’t commit to a Summer Internship?

No problem – just mark down your availability on the form! We will not consider this question when determining your acceptance.

Is there any help available?

There is a decent chance that you may not have any experience with this industry. Fortunately, ProcessMaker and W&M IT will be providing mentors for every team. They will help you in all stages of the project, so your team can put its best foot forward.

Can I get an internship even if I don’t win?

Yes! All contestants will be considered.

What about intellectual property?

While ProcessMaker may choose to incorporate aspects of any of the Slingshot ideas in future internal initiatives, no team or individual is precluded from further pursuit of their concept after the end of the competition.