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Hey nice! You’re a member. If you want to earn a few points before we see you next, read this article, listen to this podcast, or watch this movie (don’t worry, it’s on Netflix). Shoot us an email when you’ve done one of those (or all of them!) and we’ll add a few points to you account.

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You’re a busy student & we get that. That’s why we reward our members for coming out to events, meeting with mentors, and making strides in other areas. The more engaged you are, the more points & rewards you get — it’s pretty simple. If you really want to dive into engagement, check out our page on the topic.


Lots of our members have ideas they want to work on & coming out to an event is a great place to start doing that. Whether you have a startup you are pursuing or not, we want to meet you. Swing Miller 3051, the official home of the entrepreneurship center, and we’ll hook you up with a free t shirt & invite you out to our next event. If that’s a bit of a hike, shoot us an email & we can meet for coffee (our treat).

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