Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor

Versatile, Co-Curricular friendly, Connected to W&M initiatives, and focused on being applicable in the real world.

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Versatile Content – Broad Audience

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor focuses on being interdisciplinary first. Regardless of major, Computer Scientists, Pre-Med Students, and Artists alike stand to benefit from discovering the way of thinking we teach.

Co-Curricular Enhanced

Students who fully engage in the I&E minor receive much more than the curriculum. Seed funding, an expansive mentor network, and access to both the Miller EC and Ukrop Innovation & Design Studio engage students from all ends of the spectrum.

Embedded in W&M Culture

We want William & Mary students to take what they have learned and use it. The I&E minor cultivates that sort of behavior. With departments ranging from Physics to Applied Design, the minor capitalizes on broadening the teaching space from the classroom to the campus.

Widely Applicable

Students who have gone through the program have created businesses, joined startups, and have enriched their communities. Following participation, we have seen graduates go from W&M to Amazon, Uber, EY, IBM, and Booz Allen – just to name a few. They’ve founded companies such as Major Clarity, have influenced public policy, and have proven that the versatility of the minor is one of its strong-suits.