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This Semester’s Workshops

The Power of the Crowd: Open Innovation from a NASA Engineer

September 9, 2019

Learn how to optimize your innovation through crowdsourcing and its various platforms. Led by the Deputy Director of NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation, this workshop will give an overview of open innovation, in which organizations look beyond their internal resources for creativity, in the context of the future of work. Free Qdoba lunch provided!

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Design Thinking: IDEO Certification with Lighthouse Labs

September 23, 2019

Experience a better way to innovate” with this customer-centered framework, complete with hands-on activities and critical design thinking techniques. In this session, you will learn about the design thinking approach to problem solving, and gain the tools needed to implement this approach. Includes Qdoba lunch and an IDEO-Experience Point certification to add to your resume!

Protecting Your Idea: Law and Intellectual Property

October 7, 2019

How does law play a role in innovation? Join experts from the Center for Legal and Court Technology as we learn about the role of legal advice in claiming your ideas. Through this session, you will learn about the basics of intellectual property and how you can approach “claimed” ideas in the business and legal realms. Enjoy this workshop over a free Qdoba lunch!

Pitch Deck Clinic with Lighthouse Labs

October 21, 2019

Learn skills to better convey your passions and plans with Richmond-based startup accelerator, Lighthouse Labs. Whether giving your first Rocket Pitch or refining your pitch for a global competition (or hearing the words “pitch deck” for the first time), come and develop your skills in this hands-on workshop. During this time, we will gain the tools needed to concisely convey ideas in a presentation format. Come for the free Qdoba, stay for the free knowledge!

Social Responsibility in Innovation

November 4, 2019

As many companies shift from the sole goal of maximizing shareholder profits to a more holistic focus, the role of accountability and transparency in businesses has become increasingly apparent. Join the Entrepreneurship Center for our final Innovator’s Toolkit, in which we will learn the building blocks of social innovation and the critical considerations needed to develop a framework of sustainability and social responsibility in for-profit and non-profit organizations alike.

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