Welcome to Liftoff – earn points for everything you do at the EC! Join the competition to win the grand prize: an exclusive invite to our end of semester event at the EC! As you compete for the grand prize, you’ll earn limited edition game tokens and semester exclusive swag (who doesn’t love a fresh tee)!


How to Play:

You're already in the game the moment you become a member! If you haven't yet, click the button at the top of the page!

Earn Points

Complete Any Activity from the “Point Earning Activities” listed below

Claim Your Points

Your points are added whenever you check in at one of our events!

Level Up!

At 500 points & 1500 points you must complete your level up challenge to progress through the game. Head over to that section on the check in form when you're ready!

Shoot for the Stars!

After you complete the Level 2 challenge at 1500 points, you're competing for a chance to be in the top 10 and become a grand prize winner!

100 Point Activities

  • Give Feedback on an Event
  • Spotlight entrepreneurial thinking at W&M by making a post in Discord that gets at least 5 reactions or replies
  • Listen to our podcast ‘Day One’
  • Share one of our social media posts to your account

200 Point Activities

  • Attend Rocket Pitch
  • Attend Alumni Founders Series
  • Join us for a Discord House Night!
  • Refer a new member

300 Point Activities

  • Pitch at Rocket Pitch
  • Meet with a mentor
  • Take a LinkedIn Learning course from our ‘EC Curated List’
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Get connected with your house!

Every good entrepreneur knows the benefit of having a community. Whether it’s for brainstorming new ideas or finding people to complement your skill set, join our Discord to become connected with all the members of the EC!

The 4 houses of the EC are a place for you to connect with fellow entrepreneurial thinkers. Each house has an alum at the head that is eager to meet you!

The spirit of competition awaits — each house is competing to have the most points in Liftoff at the end of the semester. House points are a total of the members’ individual points, so make sure to earn as many as you can!

All members at or above level 1 will get a house-themed swagkit and the winning house will have décor at the Hub the following semester, so take your house to the top!