Welcome to Liftoff – THE way to launch your entrepreneurial thinking journey at the Entrepreneurship Hub.

Winners earn an exclusive invite to an event with notable alumni founders, resume award distinctions in partnership with Cohen Career Center, and big-time social media shoutouts and references from the Entrepreneurship Hub.


Welcome, Player One. Were glad you’re with us. But first, you’ll need to pass your training

Mission Objectives: 

  • If you have not become a member yet, sign up here.
  • Join us on Slack! (100 Points) If you haven’t already joined us on Slack, click here
  • Play the Game! Click the Game button Below to complete our Level one Learn Stage! (350 pts)
The Game!

(NOTE: complete this within 24 hours for 50 extra points)

REWARD: Advance to Stage 2 (Engage), collect your Welcome Kit, and make it onto the EC Leaderboard!


You’re mission-ready. Complete challenges to gain experience and skills. 

Mission Objectives:

  • Earn 1000 points by completing a variety of mission tasks!

REWARD: Social media shout outs, ability to apply for seed funding, ability to apply for tribe ventures!


Congratulations! You’re now a veteran. It’s your turn to help the rookies. 

Mission Objectives:

  • Sign up for office hours with a Mentor using the button below. If you’d like to learn more about our Mentor resources, check out our page here.
  • Share an entrepreneurial resource to the general slack channel with ‘#resource’
  • Continue to earn extra points through engagement! Only the top 10% of participants will win our prize, so coming back is incredibly important for your chances.
Click here to set up a meeting with a mentor!

Attend Events

  • Attend Rocket Pitch (200 points)
  • Pitch at Rocket Pitch (300 points)
  • Attend Community Hangout (100 points)
  • Attend Innovators Tool Kit (IT) (200 points)
  • Attend Alumni Founders Series (AFS) (200 points)
  • Give Feedback on an Event (100 points)

Train at the Hub 

  • Make something in our Prototyping Studio & share/tag us on social media  (300 points)
  • Get Trained in our Prototyping (200 points)
  • SlingShot Weekend Challenge (400 points)
  • Schedule Office Hours With (Staff, Fellow, or Mentor) (300 points)
  • Test an Assumption (do your own Entrepreneurship Idea experiment) (200 points)
  • Use Hub for E-Thinking (200 points)

Complete Challenges

  • Off-Campus Trip (400 points) 
  • View a video or read an article we send out & send a response about it to a Fellow on Slack (100 points
  • Post on Slack (only once a week) (100 points
  • Follow EC on all Social media accounts (100 points
  • Share/tag us on Social Media about the EC (100 points
  • Refer a Member (100 points
  • Post Resource to General Channel in Slack (100 points)
  • Submit a  photo for the EC member wall (100 points)
  • Schedule Office Hours With (Staff, Fellow, or Mentor) (300 points)
  • Test an Assumption & Tell us about it! (do your own Entrepreneurship Idea experiment) (200 points)
  • Listen to our new Podcast on Spotify! (100 points)


  • Point loss for inactivity (100 points every 2 weeks of inactivity)