Ferguson Innovation Challenge

Ferguson Ventures has partnered with the Entrepreneurship Center to offer a new challenge to students. Student teams work to solve one of four problems in the hopes of winning internship opportunities.

Note: Registration for the upcoming Innovation Challenge is not yet open. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for information on how and when to apply.


First Place: $5,000

Second Place: $2,500

Third Place: $1,000

Ferguson Ventures will also be selecting one of the pitches to pursue over the summer. All students who participate will be up for a few internship positions that will focus on making the selected project come to life.

Some Important Notes

Five Teams Total

Though we will accept applications from anyone interested in the challenge, the challenge stipulates that only the top five teams will participate. Take some time when you apply – it will pay off in the long run.

Team Mentors

There is a decent chance that you may not have any experience with this industry. Fortunately, Ferguson will be providing mentors for every team. They will help you in all stages of the project, so your team can put its best foot forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big can the Teams Be?

Teams can be from 3-5 members. We will be selecting the top five team applications.

Can I participate if I can’t commit to a Summer Internship?

No problem – just mark down your availability on the form! We will not consider this question when determining your acceptance.

Can I get an internship even if I don’t win?

Yes! All contestants will be considered for a Ferguson Internship.

A note regarding IP

While Ferguson may choose to incorporate aspects of any of the Innovation Challenge ideas in future internal initiatives, no team or individual is precluded from further pursuit of their concept after the end of the competition.