Entrepreneurship Week: Building a Web Based Business

The Miller Entrepreneurship Center is thrilled to present Entrepreneurship Week: Building a Web Based Business. Starting on February Nineteenth and continuing through February Twenty-third, teams will meet daily to develop, grow, and learn how to best start web based businesses. The week will conclude with a Final Pitch competition and a $750 prize. Individuals are encouraged to come - all events are open to the entire student body. Come make something!

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Interested? Here’s what you Need to Know:

Students of all Years and Majors can Participate – no experience is necessary.

Attend 3 out of 5 events and demonstrate real progress on your venture to receive a $100 award.

Most importantly, RSVP using this form! We look forward to working with you.

Alumni Keynote, 2/19, Brinkley Commons


Come hear from Shawn Boyer, a Richmond-based Entrepreneur who launched a successful job-matching platform Snagajob and is currently the founder and CEO of GoHappy, a mobile planning application.

Entrepreneur's Toolkit: Product Discovery, 2/20, MillerEC


Come see guest Luke Rabin discuss Product Discovery at the EC on Tuesday, February 20th. Luke will guide you and your team through identifying which products will succeed in a web based context and how best to start implementing your idea.


Conduct 10 product discovery interviews

Video recap:

Entrepreneur's Toolkit: Web Development, 2/21, MillerEC


On Wednesday, Alumni Tim Ryan will be walking you and your team through basic web development principles. Focusing on how best to market your product using basic web development tools, you’ll have a site up and running by the end of the week – no coding required.


Build the framework of a website

Video Recap:

Entrepreneur's Toolkit: Online Advertising, 2/22, MillerEC


On Thursday night, Jeff Rich, the CMO of the Mason School of Business, will walk you through advertising your brand online. Focusing on tools like AdWords, you’ll be an expert in writing compelling ads, tracking conversion rates, and implementing best practices across your presence on the web.


Run a sample AdWords campaign

Video Recap:

Final Pitch, 2/23, Miller 1082


Share your story throughout the week and pitch your idea for a panel of judges for the chance to win $750. Pitches can last 6-8 minutes. Business professional attire is recommended.

Final Pitch Criteria – All Scored on a 1-5 Scale

Criteria Description
Discussion of Progress Throughout The Week Outlined progression of the idea throughout the week, including the results from the product discovery, web development and the online advertising campaign.
Definition of the Problem of Opportunity The extent to which the contestant provided a clear and convincing description of a problem or opportunity.Consider how innovative the idea is as well as the importance and scope of the problem/opportunity. Market and social problems/opportunities should be considered of equal importance.
Solution to Problem or Opportunity The concept, market opportunity, and solution are clearly stated, compelling, and believable.
Presentation Style Confident delivery with a clear, concise message, presented in a professional manner.

Judges for The Final Pitch

Graham Henshaw

Laura Markley

Bob Mooney

Scott Ukrop