Get Rewarded

The Miller EC rewards its members for coming out to events. The more you participate, the more points you earn. Top members get free swag, access to private events, and much more. Not a member yet? No problem – you can sign up for free on our membership registration page.

How It Works

Members earn points for all events and interactions they have with the EC. Every semester, points are reset to 0 and members each have the opportunity to move up through the ranks of 4 different levels.


Point Values


Attend a Rocket Pitch Event 4
Pitch at Rocket Pitch 10
Attend co-working 2
Attend Innovator’s Toolkit 10
Attend Alumni Founder’s Series 8
Attend off campus trip 10
Attend Each Type of Event 10


Apply for Seed Funding 20
Fellow Office Hours 3
Mentor Engagement 6
Come to the EC 1
First on the Leader-board after Each Week 5


Follow EC on Every Social Media Account 10
Refer a Member 10
Bring a Friend to an Event 10


Friend – At Least 25 Points

Friends receive adhesive phone wallets. Nice!

Investor – 50 Points

Investors are presented with a choice. Everyone who makes it to this level will get to choose between a Miller EC hat or a Miller EC Long Sleeve.

Board Member – 100 Points

Board Members receive Miller EC Hoodies. Trust us – they’re great.

Unicorn – 200 Points

Unicorns get special treatment. These select members are invited to a dinner at the end of the semester where they will get to chat with an alumni founder. (They also get all of the other stuff listed as well.)

Curious Where You Are in the Ranks?

Check out our Top Ten Leaderboard

Not quite there yet? Email Greg Garnhart – he’ll update you.