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The Miller Center Fellowship

The Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center Fellowship program awards five fellowships each year to outstanding students who demonstrate a passion and ability to enhance the entrepreneurship movement at W&M. Each with their own area of expertise, the fellows lead teams in the areas of Operations, Communications, Outreach, Community, and Logistics.

As a Miller Center Fellow, you will fulfill the requirements associated with your area of responsibility, act as an ambassador of the Entrepreneurship Center at College and startup ecosystem events, recruit volunteers to help execute the Miller Center mission, and work to enhance engagement with Entrepreneurship Center programming and grow a culture of entrepreneurship at W&M

Furthermore, Miller Center Fellows meet on a weekly basis to discuss center progress, plan future events, and discuss ways of improving the overall student experience. Fellows are paid a stipend of $1,000/semester for their work.


The Operations Fellow manages a team that helps the back end of the center run smoothly. Though the day to day tasks often change, a large portion of this role is keeping the EC website up to date, ensuring new members are properly added to our CRM, and exploring new technologies that the center will benefit from. Those looking to fill this role should be comfortable learning to use new technologies, fixing problems on a tight schedule, and should be able to ask for help when they need it. Delegation is also a key part of this role–this fellow needs to be able to thoughtfully include and utilize every team member’s ability in order to more efficiently serve the center’s goals.


The Logistics Fellow is responsible for establishing compelling programming that will drive student engagement. The Logistics Fellow and their committee are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing all event logistics including creating the year-long event calendar, scheduling, running communications with event attendees, and serving as the contact person for all catering needs. Collaboration with the Communications Fellow is essential for this group.


The Community Fellow is responsible for developing and executing a student engagement strategy that drives member attraction, retention, and ultimately engagement. The engagement strategy will include membership incentives; exclusive events, swag, early signups etc.. It is expected that the Membership Fellow and the Communications Fellow will work together closely. Strong candidates for this position have a passion for curating fun environments and an ability to create compelling experiences for a wide variety of people.


The primary responsibility of the Outreach Fellow is to connect with William & Mary alumni and members of the greater Williamsburg community to form beneficial relationships resulting in partnership and mentorship engagement as well as internship opportunities for Miller Center members. The Outreach Fellow maintains the database of contacts and companies and collaborates with the Communications and Community Fellows to foster those relationships and ensure they are informed of Miller Center activities and highlights. The Outreach Fellow also works with the Logistics Fellow to recruit candidates for and run Alumni Founder Series. Strong candidates for this position are highly organized with strong networking skills.


The Communications Fellow is responsible for student-centric planning and communications of the Entrepreneurship Center that drives member attraction, retention, and engagement. This Fellow and their committee are a data-driven team that uses data tools and processes to meet their goals, e.g. Google Analytics, MailChimp, StartupTree, etc. They and their committee will work hand-in-hand with the Entrepreneurship Center marketing interns and/or Agency 1693 to create & execute their plans each year including newsletters, fliers and other creative material pertaining to Entrepreneurship Center student programming.

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The Program Coordinator Team

Program Coordinators bring our events to life. Working with teams of interns, program coordinators brainstorm, develop, and run all of our events. From Rocket Pitch to Slingshot, program coordinators help make the events they work on special. Program Coordinators are paid $10 an hour.

The Intern team

Our interns work on teams to help the entire center run smoothly. This is a great way to get launch your relationship with the EC, regardless of class (Freshmen, you are welcome to apply!). Interns work with program coordinators to help put on events, work with other fellows to help with different challenges and tasks, and learn while doing it. Current interns are often asked to move up the following year by becoming either a program coordinator or a fellow.

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