Meet our Coaches

Coaches connect with entrepreneurs in our ecosystem to help them learn, engage, and build their entrepreneurial thinking skills. This network of educational, business, and industry experts provides benefits that span the spectrumeverything from inspiring emerging entrepreneurs to connecting startups to customers, partners, and investors.

Rachel Frazier

Specialties: STEM Innovation

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Mike Descher

Specialties: Business Development & Sales

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Elizabeth Eldredge

Specialties: Marketing & Communications

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Graham Henshaw

Specialties: Launching & Growing Ventures

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Sal Sotis

Specialties: Customer Relations

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Michele King

Specialties: Pitch Presentation

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Asher Smith-Rose

Specialties: Launch Strategy

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Calherbe Monel

Specialties:  Leadership

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Terry Walker

Specialties:  Business Development

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Jeff Rich

Specialties:  Marketing & Operational Planning

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Andrew Lloyd-Williams

Specialties:  Tech Startups

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Cody Watson

Cody Watson

Specialties:  Marketing & Branding

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Chris McCoy

Specialties: Sales and Finances

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Our coaching network comes from a combination of local entrepreneurs and committed executive partners.

Whether you know what you need or just want some guidance, our coaches want to help. Made up of 13 of the hardest-working professionals out there, our coaches are ready to help you take the next step!

BONUS: Meeting with a coach earns you point for our engagement program Liftoff!