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Rachel Frazier

Mike Descher

Rachel is an inventor and entrepreneur with a passion for helping high tech startups and academic innovators identify viable business models and connect to their first customer.

An entrepreneur with an eye for branding and business development, Mike started his journey in retail at the age of 18. He successfully opened a three-store women’s wear business, and after selling it transitioned to wholesale import-export. After successfully selling that business in 1979, he turned his energy toward high tech in the early 1980’s, opening a ComputerLand franchise and then a single Macintosh-only store called Mac Universe, which grew in 4 years to earning over 10 million in sales. In 1997, Apple asked him to run business development for digital imaging and publishing, which he did until Adobe Systems hired him to grow that same segment in 2004. While at Apple he formed his current company, MediaGroup, with 4 other Apple colleagues. MediaGroup today is a leader in the trade show industry, providing full exhibit house services, promotional items and apparel intended to enhance a company’s brand. Residing (and giving back) in Williamsburg at both LaunchPad and the Miller Entrepreneurship Center, he is sharing his knowledge and skills in Business Development and Sales, as well as general insight into managing and growing a company in the corporate world.

Graham Henshaw

Elizabeth Eldredge

Graham is an entrepreneur turned educator, teaching at the Mason School of Business and directing the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center. Graham has a personal track record of launching and growing ventures – some of which succeeded (read: he has experience with exits, as well as with winding things down). Prior to joining William & Mary, Graham was the Director of Venture Development at New Richmond Ventures – a Richmond-based venture capital firm investing in early-stage, socially-driven startups. To date, NRV has invested in over a dozen companies – putting $100M of capital to work.


Elizabeth Eldredge has over 15 years of success in marketing and communications. Beginning her career in New York City with one of the best small creative shops in the nation, she has experience in all types of media, including newspapers, magazines, radio advertisements, television commercials, direct mail fliers, social media and blog posts, as well as website advertisements. Her career progressed, taking her into the professional products division for a global beauty conglomerate with a specific focus on B2B marketing. With exceptional strategic capability and great organizational as well as communication skills, Elizabeth has a strong ability to work effectively with all organizational levels and is adept at translating complex strategy into actionable plans for entrepreneurs. Her industry experience includes advertising, marketing, and communications for consumer products, professional products, sporting goods, healthcare, security, and higher education.

Jeff Rich

Cody Watson

Cody Watson

Currently serving as Chief Marketing Officer at the Mason School of Business, , Jeff has over 30 years of experience across a multitude of industries, including retail, finance, healthcare, travel and hospitality, automotive, high tech, and education. He has served in executive leadership roles at Fortune 500 corporations such as UnitedHealth Group and Target and has also worked in consulting capacities with top brands such as Best Buy, Nordstrom, The Gap, Disney, Delta Airlines, and Jaguar. Jeff has helped organizations define and promote their brands while generating demand for their products and services through effective marketing strategies and tactics. Jeff’s talents extend well beyond the ability to position a brand; he also works to create effective and efficient organizational structures which allow organizations to do more with their financial and human resources. Having led several start-ups, Jeff knows the challenges new businesses face and is well equipped to help Launchpad start-ups get their marketing and operational plans performing at the highest levels possible.

Cody’s background is in marketing & branding, specifically demand generation, paid media and advertising, and brand development. Cody began in marketing consulting before moving into the ad agency world where he was part of the Omnicom network of agencies. During this time he was responsible for developing and implementing award-winning direct-to-consumer campaigns for healthcare and pharmaceutical clients including Pfizer, GSK, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Genentech. During this time he led go-to-market efforts for seven new products, established industry-leading digital patient support assets, and launched the first holistic patient lifecycle funnel for a pharmaceutical company. Cody currently oversees the demand generation and branding strategies for William & Mary’s School of Business. He and his team are primarily focused on acquisition and enrollment marketing for the graduate business programs and growing the Raymond A. Mason School of Business brand within the graduate business space.

Andrew Lloyd-Williams

Andrew Lloyd-Williams

Terry Walker

After 20+ years in the corporate world promoting new technologies in Europe, Japan, and the US, Andrew could not resist an invitation to join an exciting new venture on the ground floor. That initial venture was not successful, but in understanding why it failed, he learned a lot. When his partners gave up, Andrew developed a new CD-ROM database product for the real estate industry which was successful for several years before being eclipsed by the advent of the internet. Andrew has been involved in several other ventures, including one IPO, and has realized that success can take many different forms sometimes, the most successful ventures have relatively short lifespans.

Terry Walker’s career includes Senior Executive positions leading business development and operations in the business office products and software industries. In his most recent position, he served as a Senior Director at Staples Business Advantage. Terry’s leadership roles included Region President, Owner/Principal, Vice President of Sales, and Vice President of Business Development. Terry is a business development strategist with extensive experience in team-building, change management, entrepreneurship, sales process, execution, negotiations, CRM, and e-commerce. His areas of expertise include sales, marketing, web-based marketing, finance, and warehouse and distribution operations. Prior to his business career, Terry served in the U. S. Army. Terry is currently a consultant, President GFCACA, and an Executive Partner at the Mason School of Business.

Mary Rogers

Calherbe Monel

Picture of Calherbe Monel

Cofounder and former CEO of Abrakadoodle®, a company which provides hands-on art education for children, Rogers has an extensive background in entrepreneurship, education, and franchising. In 2002, she founded Abrakadoodle, which has taught over four million children in the US, China, Singapore, Mexico, and Australia. Rogers led the company’s growth and development as CEO and oversaw the company’s proprietary standards-based art education curriculum that is used in art classes, camps, in-school programming, and special events for children ages two to twelve. Internationally, Abrakadoodle operates nearly five hundred franchises and Art Studios for kids. Rogers retired in 2016 after managing the sale of Abrakadoodle to Mega Education, an international multi-brand company.

Calherbe Monel immigrated to the United States 29 years ago from Haiti. Calherbe has an extensive record as a public servant. In 2009, he was appointed Director of the City of Virginia Beach Minority Business Council and became a member of the Virginia Beach Citizen Police Council. He has also served on the New York State Mid-Hudson Economic Council and the Mid-Hudson Workforce Development Taskforce and the Spring Valley Youth Bureau. In 2013, Calherbe ran for Mayor for the Village of Spring Valley, New York. He later became Director of Economic Development, Director of Workforce Development, and Director of Tourism of Rockland County, New York. During his term in those positions, he successfully marketed and attracted new businesses into the county, including assisting numerous startups. He was also able to secure millions of dollars of funding from the State and Federal Government for the expansion of tourism activities, workforce development, and business growth. Prior to serving in that position, he worked as Vice-President of Business Development for LIIT, an International Information Technology company. He has served as Delegate for the New York NAACP and is a former member of the Hampton Roads Urban League Guild. He is very skilled at forging strategic relationships between government, private, and faith-based entities towards marketplace and entrepreneurship development. Calherbe is a former radio (WRKL-NY) and TV (Cablevision-NY) show host and producer of “The Monel Show” in New York. In 2007, he founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of Christians United for Haiti (CUH), a US-based non-profit organization which seeks to support education, implement sustainable programs, and empower youth and women in Haiti. In 2013, he launched, SciTechLife, now “NonProfit Startup Center.” His company focuses on assisting visionaries in launching and managing their nonprofits. His company relies on strong working relationships and partnerships with local universities, faith-based organizations, business associations, and government agencies. Calherbe has been featured in numerous local and national media outlets for his work in Haiti and his business acumen. He has been a guest speaker at several institutions, both in the United States and abroad, discussing the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his leadership service. He is currently an associate member of the City of Virginia Beach Minority Business Council, The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Board of Governors of the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives. He is a results-oriented individual, who lives by the motto “Find a way or make a way to make it happen.”

Sal Sotis

Michele King

Sal has over 45 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of disposable products with an international company which serves major customers in over 24 countries. His love for marketing, trouble shooting, and customer relations led to a senior management position for the past 28 years. Sal has managed companies in New York, Pennsylvania, and Richmond, Virginia. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and holds degrees in architectural engineering and international business. His volunteer experience includes Kiwanis and service as a volunteer firefighter.

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Asher Smith-Rose

Asher has experience taking ideas from concept to launch at two Fortune 500 innovation labs. As a product manager with an eye for design, he specializes in coaching students on user research and launch strategy. Asher has worked at Capital One’s innovation Lab, Audi’s Innovation Lab, and Map My Customers, a William & Mary founded startup. He is a former Miller Center fellow and graduated in 2018 with a major in Psychology.

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