We would like to introduce some awards that align with this mission. We’ll be keeping track of them throughout the semester and give them out at the end of semester celebration!

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Semester Awards

Most Creative Opportunity Identified

Opportunity Discovery: the ability to spot opportunities where others do not

Most Resilient

Failing Wisely: risking what you can afford to lose and making certain that learning is a primary goal

Best Pivot

Improvisation: putting something out into the world and adjusting course as necessary

Most Diverse Team

Collaboration: the ability to pull in complementary perspectives and skills on projects

Biggest Risk Taker

Openness to Risk: turning towards opportunity rather than away even when there is a risk of failure

Uncertainty Embracer

Tolerance for ambiguity: resisting the urge to try to predict the future and instead letting the best plan emerge

Pitch Perfecter

Grit: persistence in the face of challenges


Self-direction: not waiting for instruction/a bias towards personal action

Commitment Award

Commitment: member who attends the most events throughout the semester