Our Mission

The Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center exists to educate, inspire, and support students in developing the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur.

We view entrepreneurship through the wider lens of entrepreneurial thinking – a highly versatile set of skills and a mindset that is necessary to solve wicked problems.

Opportunity Discovery

The ability to spot opportunities where others do not.

Failing Wisely

Risking what you can afford to lose and making certain that learning is a primary goal.


Putting something out into the world and adjusting course as necessary.


The ability to pull in complementary perspectives and skills on projects.

Openness to Risk

Turning towards opportunity rather than away, even when there is risk of failure.

Tolerance for Ambiguity

Resisting the urge to try to predict the future and instead letting the best plan emerge.


Persistence in the face of challenges.


Not waiting for instruction; a bias towards personal action.

Our Story

Learn about how the EC became what it is today.

Our Hub

Come by the Hub to meet other members and see where we host events! 

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249 Richmond Road Williamsburg, VA 23185

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Our Team

The Miller Center is powered by a collaborative effort between students, coaches, and faculty. Made up of over 50 dedicated, enthusiastic people, the Miller EC Team is the definition of teamwork at its best. Together, we make sure the EC runs smoothly and achieves its goal of engaging students and fostering the entrepreneurial mindset.

The Fellows

The fellowship is made up of 5 dedicated students. From a variety of backgrounds, the fellows fill roles in 5 areas: Communications, Community, Outreach, Operations, and Technology.

Tyler Standfield


Savannah Orsak


Nick Dantzlerward


Pablo Solano


Pablo is a Senior majoring in Computer Science. He works for the Technology team of the EC, working hard to write and maintain all the software that the center requires. He maintains the website, keeps track of current members, and is looking forward to being a part of the EC community.

Anna Gruneich


Anna is a Senior majoring in Marketing and works on our newsletters and other marketing materials for the center! Outside of her work at the EC, she is involved with TEDxWilliam&Mary, Women in Business, and Alpha Chi Omega. A fun fact about her is that she started her own business at age 12! You can reach her at aegruneich@email.wm.edu or on Slack.

The Program Coordinators

The Miller Center’s Program Coordinators work with the fellows to make sure that the Center’s many events and programs run smoothly.

Sara Curtiss


Amanda Willigerod


Melody Llinas


Neha Kosaraju


JR Herman


The Faculty

The Miller Center is brought to life by William & Mary’s faculty.

Graham Henshaw


Graham is a Clinical Professor at the College of William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business and Executive Director of the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center. Prior to joining W&M, Graham was the Director of Venture Development at NRV – a Richmond-based venture capital firm investing in early-stage socially-driven startups. Before that, Graham launched several ventures including PaceTat, a sporting goods company which was acquired in 2010.

Rachel Frazier

Associate Director

Rachel is an inventor and entrepreneur with a passion for helping high tech startups and academic innovators identify viable business models and connect to their first customer.