On Friday, February 23rd, nine innovative teams competed for the ultimate title: 1st Place in the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Week. Many prepared ideas and solidified their pitches just in the past week; however, for the three founders of Candid Campus Tours (CCT), this journey began over a year ago. CCT has now grown to 145 guides at over 40 colleges, and continued to make significant strides over the past week. “We prepped all week for our presentation, creating our pitch deck as we made progress. There were a couple of key points we really wanted to hit home on and I think we were able to effectively highlight them all during the presentation” stated COO Trevor Jackson. After attending countless presentations each night, CEO Kent Rollins and CTO Greg Garnhart, alongside Jackson worked to finalize online payment options such as Stripe Integration, administer surveys and customer interviews, and most impressively, gained three new partnerships with education and charity focused organizations within the industry. While Rollins was nervous to face the best teams he has seen at a William and Mary startup competition, he humbly states that CCT’s win is simply “a function of his team consistently working both smart and hard.”

Not only did they learn to work both smart and hard, they more importantly learned the power of motivation and capability during this intense week. Reflecting on the past week, Garnhart remarked, “Having an excuse to focus all of my free time on Candid Campus Tours taught me how much a team of highly motivated people can complete in a short amount of time.” Now, the three entrepreneurs will go on to represent William and Mary at Tom Tom Founders Festival in Charlottesville, VA, a four day long prestigious summit focused on entrepreneurial innovation. “Going into Tom Tom, we’re extremely excited to see what we can do, and even more excited to improve our pitch even more (maybe I can learn to speak at a human rate!),” exclaimed Rollins. We wish Rollins, Garnhart, and Jackson the best of luck at this festival and congratulate them on their big win!

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