Who is an entrepreneur?
The origins of the word derive from the French entreprendre, translated to English as “undertake”. Quite simply, an entrepreneur is someone, anyone, who starts something.
Today, entrepreneurship has been glorified to include tech, venture capital, and Silicon Valley almost to the point of embedding themselves in the original definition of the word. Our modern systems of communication have taken entrepreneurship to new heights. With a dissemination of knowledge, and a desire to innovate in the marketplace, entrepreneurship is on the rise.
So, is entrepreneurship purely a tech driven endeavor? No, not inherently. Entrepreneurship is still the act of undertaking. Undertaking exploration, building, creation.  It’s no more tied to technology than any other endeavor in the age of hand-held smart computers. The world is adapting. Entrepreneurs ask questions that move the conversation forward.
Some of us build businesses, yes. But all entrepreneurs explore themselves, we all strive towards personal growth. We ask questions, think of ideas, and sometimes we help build things.
Missing from the definition of entrepreneurship is that it’s a team sport. Start-up founders, writers, engineers, musicians,  non-profit organizers, we thrive on collaboration. Even personal endeavors are influenced by those around us. Everything we do is tied to the people we interact with, the mentors in our circle, the influences that shape us.
Entrepreneurship is undertaking something. It’s buying into a community of individuals that always ask what if?
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