KINIS is a startup dedicated to designing innovative activewear products. Founder Vincent Vu, an alum of the online MBA program, recently launched the idea on kickstarter and is making great strides towards success. KINIS “isn’t just for the young and fit, it’s comfortable and accessible for people in all stages of their personal fitness journey” the idea of is to develop a barefoot training sock that allows people to safely and comfortably transition into a shoe-free workout experience. Traditional shoes weaken feet and ankles by enhancing poor form during exercise – barefoot training strengthens muscles for an active lifestyle.

The KINIS team has spent over 18 months designing and working closely with manufacturers to develop custom products including the ‘Nomad Shoe Sock’ and ‘Lucy Socks’. Each product promises variations on arch support, antimicrobial treatment, biodegradable plastisol and even removable padding. The company hopes to make their first product shipment by March 2018.

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