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Greg is a regular in the Entrepreneurship Center, working on his own start ups, helping brainstorm some amazing ideas and offering guidance to new ventures.

“I’ve been involved with the EC since my second semester at W&M. This week, I pitched a service named “Phlow”. Having worked as a lifeguard over the past two summers, I’ve been able to take note of some significant inefficiencies that pools encounter. Data collection is a large part of pool maintenance and a large number of pools, including mine, still record their data on paper. I aim to fix that with a mobile app and cloud based service.

While I still love the competitive spirit that Rocket Pitch brings to the table, the majority of my time in the EC is spent working on Candid Campus Tours, a startup that I co-founded with Kent Rollins and Trevor Jackson. Last weekend, we met to discuss an ad we are going to film, where our advertising works best, and other practices that needed looking over. Candid Campus Tours would quite literally not exist without the EC, so all of us at the company are thrilled to see what the EC evolves in to over the next couple of years.”

On top of being an active member of the Entrepreneurship Center, Greg and his co-founding team recently won the student venture seed funding (as pictured). We’re proud to be a home to startups of all backgrounds and love to see what the next big thing will be — Congrats to Greg on another great idea, we look forward to seeing your future successes!

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