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The Entrepreneurship Center extends huge congratulations to the DIO team for their successful completion and first place finish in this past week’s Slingshot competition!
Andy Berkin (public health), Adam Abate (physic and econ), Sarah Brown (prospective business analytics) and Trinity Torres (public policy and psychology)
came together to create the $750 winning idea, DIO. The team described their concept as, “DIO: An AI Student Assistant App for inside and outside of the classroom. DIO solves the problem of poor communication and listening within education. DIO does this by intelligent analysis of notes including a unique and personalized experience for each student.”
“We came together pretty randomly. Neil connected me, I brought Sarah, and Adam and Andy were roommates. We actually formed together the night before applications and practiced together one hour before our pitch! But we pulled it off.”
Their success did not come without difficulties, however. One major setback came from one of their team members coming down with pneumonia over the weekend and having to drop from the competition. Likewise, “Adam also fell off this skateboard and majorly hurt his hand”. Despite physical ailments and a grueling work schedule, the team came together and worked through the hurdles.
One highlight of the experience for the team was their third-place finish during the initial pitch, especially after only meeting and running through it just an hour before the competition. Not to mention the final first-place win.
Also worth noting: The team’s epic color coordination during their pitches and the fact that “NONE of us are business majors or have experiences doing entrepreneurial experiences”, just going to show that a great idea, confidence, and a ton of hard work is sometimes all you need to find huge success.
Best of luck to DIO as they take their next steps, and congratulations to each team that pitched at Slingshot this past week! A special shout out to our second and third place teams, Campus Carpool and Can I Recycle This.

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