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“The second week of school I attended the Entrepreneurship Center Open House, and heard about Rocket Pitch Fridays. I got home that night, and after thinking for a couple minutes, I knew I had take one of my various ideas and develop it into a pitch. After staring, memorizing, and drawing out the pitch on my whiteboard in my dorm room for three hours, I had a finished product. Or so I thought. My classes on Fridays run from 12:00pm – 12:50pm, and 2:00pm – 2:50pm. Rocket Pitch starts at 1pm. Timing was tight, so I got a ride from David Howard with his startup Holler Rides across campus, and explained my pitch to him, because he had won one of the Rocket Pitches last year. In the 3 minute ride to the Business School I found myself rewriting and refocusing my entire pitch.

I arrived and volunteered to pitch second. I went up, pitched my idea for an on campus trash pickup from dorms/apartments, and tried to express how possible and practical this idea really is. Essentially, for a small subscription fee every week that can be cancelled anytime, we will come by your very dorm room and take out your disgusting, overflowing trash. Others got up and delivered great pitches on creative, innovative ideas and the judges then met to decide a winner. They came back out, and announced that myself, a freshman, had won! This was a shock to me because I was up against some seniors and grad students. It was very humbling to see the hours of preparation I put into it pay off.

Since then I have been working with the school administration to get my idea approved, essentially climbing the ladder getting no after no until I could get to the right person. When I felt I had gone as far as I could, I reached out to Professor Henshaw for some help. Following up with him, it seems we are on the right path to getting it approved, and I am very excited to move forward with it. Fingers crossed!”

Congrats to Will on an amazing Rocket Pitch experience, and we look forward to seeing your future successes!

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