The Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center exists to educate, inspire, and support students in developing the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur.

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Open House

Join us on Tuesday, September 18 from 7 – 8:30 PM for our Open House. We’ll learn more about the resources available at the Miller Center, as well as our packed event schedule this fall, including the Innovator’s Toolkit workshops, an Alumni Founder Speaker Series, and our weekly $100 Rocket Pitch competition.

Students of ALL YEARS AND MAJORS are welcome. This organization is not exclusive to Business students – there is a
place for all W&M students in the Miller Entrepreneurship Center! Food and refreshments will be provided, as well as the chance to win raffle prizes.

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We view entrepreneurship through the wider lens of entrepreneurial thinking – a highly versatile set of skills and a mindset that is necessary to solve wicked problems.

Opportunity Discovery

The ability to spot opportunities where others do not.

Failing Wisely

Risking what you can afford to lose and making certain that learning is a primary goal.


Putting something out into the world and adjusting course as necessary.


The ability to pull in complementary perspectives and skills on projects.

Openness to risk

Turning towards opportunity rather than away even when there is risk of failure.

Tolerance for ambiguity

Resisting the urge to try to predict the future and instead letting the best plan emerge.


Persistence in the face of challenges.


Not waiting for instruction/a bias towards personal action.

The Center delivers on its mission through experiences guided by a ‘learn, engage, build’ framework.


Foundational and broadly applicable learning experiences that cultivate entrepreneurial literacy and skills.


Hands-on experiences in the entrepreneurial ecosystem that immerse students in the practice of entrepreneurship.


Opportunities to try out the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur to build competency.